We are excited to offer these new scalar field protocols to everyone. This is an advanced new era science that allows us to be directly involved in the matrix of our reality. Inform the Intrinsic Data Fields with precise instructions for the material experience you desire to create. This can help to reset the fields to correct or re-balance that which is in distortion.

This is not a diagnostic health tool. For medical treatment please consult with a licensed medical professional.


  1. Angeliki Davis

    Greetings ~ I have received an email newsletter from Terri Newlon about the DK transmissions. Could you please explain about the subject of vaccines that is listed under the protocol description? Does this energetic transmission nullify the effects of vaccines? Thank you so much for your time. Many Blessings, Angeliki Davis

    • Thanks for the question.

      The tunings/balancing are based on a value of 1-100. For instance, Physical Vitality is a positive tuning which means you would like a value of 100. If we scan and find a value of say 92, then that tuning we will balance back to a value of 100.

      For vaccines, that is a negative tuning or one that we would prefer a value of zero. So if we scan and see a value above zero, for example 8.5, then we will balance that back down to a value of zero during the balancing.

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