Quartz Crystals for Support

OmBeOne is excited to announce that we are infusing quartz crystals with radionics. We have recently sourced some high quality clear quartz crystal from Ida Mountain in Arkansas. Quartz from Arkansas is well regarded for its high vibrational quality. The quartz can be programmed with the radionics tunings to help support holding the intrinsic data fields stable. A small crystal can go in a pocket, purse or pouch to be carried with you or larger crystal is great for the home, office, car or altar.

We will be sending a small pocket quartz size crystal to every member of our monthly DK Group Transmission. They will be charged with the tunings we normally run. Also, we will update them in real time twice a week during the normal broadcast.

We will also have them for sale individually. We will post pictures of the larger crystals so that you can select which one you prefer.

The crystals can be infused with a custom session for you or your space. And then updated or reprogrammed in the future with additional or different tunings.

If you have your own special crystals, those could be infused with a custom session just for you. I have prayer malas that are crystal and one made from lapis. Those can be programmed with a special mantra to support your practice.

Contact us for any questions about how we can support you through the use of crystals.

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