Announcing New Personal Sessions

Personal Success Session – This is a 5 step protocol to help you create the success you want in your life. We will work together to create specific tunings for your goal. Whether that be in professional, personal or spiritual life, we can launch you toward your destination with quantum energy balancing. 
Step One – Clearing
Removes negative past influences, negative past blocks, negative current influences and disagreeable conditions. 
Step Two – Visualization
The conscious mind identifies the goal and programs the subconscious mind (intent). 
Step Three – Incubation 
The subconscious mind forms an automatic goal identification function. 
A. Freeing the Self 
B. Interacting with Others
C. Discovering my conscious awareness 
D. Being here Now 
Step Four – Illumination 
Subconscious feeds back automatic program to the conscious mind (perception). 
Step Five – Verification
Conscious mind analyzes and uses senses to detect goal achievement. 

This is a one month program where we co-create the session to manifest your goals with affirmations and your custom radionics session which will be broadcast on even numbered days throughout the month. 

Healthy Weight Session 
This radionics session is designed to shift your quantum energy fields into maintaining your optimal healthy weight. It can benefit both those who would like to reduce their weight or those who have trouble maintaining weight. 

I have personally been using this program on myself during the last month to help me drop weight that I have gained since the whole lockdown/social distancing thing has started. In one month, I have felt a dramatic shift in my attitude towards my diet and physical health. And I have gone from my fat jeans being tight, to comfortably fitting into my skinny jeans. My personal cravings for those unhealthy snack foods like potato chips, french fries and ice cream have all but disappeared. I fondly remember those foods but have no desire to partake. 

Lyme Disease Session 
This is a serious illness that can be found throughout North America. Together with other radionics scientists, we have put together a specific program to help those who suffer from this illness. 

Brain Fog Session 
Many people have being describing a group of symptoms that can commonly be referred to as Brain Fog. This has become more prevalent with the higher energies coming into the planet over the last couple years and is also a common condition of those who have contracted covid or had one of the vaccines. This session has been created to help with the symptoms associated with Brain Fog and help bring back clarity.

Gene Key Session 
This session is created by identifying the Gene associated with your Birthday and the Gene related to your greatest personal concern. There are 64 codons in the human genetic code and each one uses a specific amino acid to create protein chains that are the building blocks of what the DNA is telling the RNA to create. This sessions tunings optimize the Gene Key and its amino acid. Then it goes on to balance the related organs and cells associated with that Gene Key. This focus addresses the concern from the quantum field, through the DNA and RNA into the cells, tissues and organs.

We have had very positive results with this method from those who have been on this program. It can be used to shift a physical concern like allergies or chronic pain, a mental or emotional imbalance, or whatever part of your experience that you would like to break the pattern and improve.

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