Arjuna Bark – Terminalia Arjuna
Parts Used – Bark
Origin – India | Spagyrics Made in Colorado
Planetary Influence: Jupiter | Day of the Week: Thursday

Arjuna bark comes from a tropical tree of the Combretaceae family and is native to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India.  It is revered in India for its cardiovascular properties.  

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Please see important information
about side effects.

Properties:  Arjuna bark is rich in coenzyme Q-10, and contains tannins, flavonoids, zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium.  It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.  Arjuna bark strengthens and tonifies heart.  It is astringent and cold.  Ayurveda medicine notes that for best results use for more than one year and incorporate pranayama breathing exercises into your daily routine.


  • Angina: Lowers cortisol levels.  Helps reduce chest pain.
  • Protects DNA from damage by toxins.
  • Flushes out small kidney stones
  • Manages heart disease:  Strengthens heart muscles.  Protects heart muscles and blood vessels from free radicals.  Hopes dilate blood vessels.  Dissolves plaque and increases blood flow.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Asthma
  • Reduces inflammation and infections in lungs
  • Reduces body temperature during
  • Diarrhea – Arjuna’s antimicrobial, astringent and antibacterial properties helps intestinal
  • infections caused by microorganisms and prevents loss of water and electrolytes.

Start once a day with 2-3 drops on the back of the left hand, dissolved in water, or under the tongue. 

$44 per bottle.  There is an $11 discount for radionics client.  Free domestic shipping for orders over $50. To order please call or text Kim @ 480-220-4861 or email

Side Effects
Check with medical professional if you are being treated for a heart condition
Check with medical professional if you are taking anticoagulants
Do not take if you have bradycardia (slow heartbeat)
Do not take if you are constipated
Do not take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding

If you have a medical emergency, please contact your health care professional.
Please confer with your health care professional before taking.
Not all of the uses listed above have been subject to modern clinical studies.