Personal Sessions

Each personal session starts by analyzing your biofield, then moves on to balance, shield and elevate your biofield frequencies. We are able to address any specific concerns or run a general upgrade. $55 per month.

Group Sessions

The Group Sessions are sent on Thursdays and Sunday at noon (MST) for approximately 5 hours. This offering was created for members of the Conscious Enlightenment Community and is now open to all who would like to join. This session has a broad focus of physical vitality, environmental protection and consciousness advancement.The tunings have been specifically chosen for the Group Session based on the readings from the overall group and it is updated each week. There are a combination of positive and negative tunings. Positive tunings are things which we want to maximize like physical vitality, bodily functions and joy. Negative tunings are that which we wish to negate to a zero value such as viruses, blockages or fear.

Individual Plan $22 per month.

Family Plan $35.00 per month.

Animal Pet Therapy

Support your pet’s health and well-being. $22.00 per month.

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