Valerian – Valeriana officinalis – Jacob’s Ladder
Parts Used – Organic Roots
Planetary Influence – Mercury
Planetary Day of the Week: Mercury – Wednesday

Valerian is a flowering perennial that is native to Europe and Asia.  It is commonly called All-Heal and its healing properties were known more than 2,500 years ago.  Valerian has a sweet scent.  It is a source of food for many butterflies.  Cats are attracted to Valerian in the say way they are attracted to catnip.

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Valerian can be considered a natural alternative to Valium.


  • Nervous Tension:  Sedates nervous system.  Stimulates those with fatigue.   
  • Anxiety:  Valerian can relieve anxiety.
  • Insomnia:  Valerian can help with sleep.
  • Headaches:  Can relieve headaches.
  • Carminative:  Relieves gas.
  • Antispasmodic:  For upper abdominal pain caused by nervous dyspepsia and for spastic or irritable bowels.
  • Anticonvulsive:  Valerian may have a positive effect on epilepsy.  Further study is needed.
  • Heart Palpitations:  Can be used by heart palpitations by strengthening the heart and lowering blood pressure.  Conversely it can cause heart palpitations.

Chinese Herbal Uses

  • Increases Heart Qi & Yang:  Stimulates circulation, restores nerves, relieves depression.
  • Circulates Qi:  Stops spasms, relaxes heart, relieves irritability.
  • Tonifies Yin:  Reduces fever, relieves anxiety.
  • Stimulates Digestion:  Removes accumulations, promotes urination, benefits vision.
  • Stimulates Immunity:  Reduces infection, poison antidote, clears parasites, tissue repair.

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Side Effects
May cause vivid dreams.
May cause heart Palpitations.
May cause dry mouth and upset stomach
May cause headaches and mental fogginess.
Do not take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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If you have a medical emergency, please contact your health care professional.
Please confer with your health care professional before taking.
Not all of the uses listed above have been subject to modern clinical studies
and are for research purposes only