OmBeOne.Love provides Natural Herbal Remedies, Vibrational Healing Sessions and Esoteric Healing Tools for the New Age.

We have developed a number of alternative solutions for wellness support to strengthen and balance your emotional and physical bodies. Our premise is that strong emotional and physical bodies will strengthen our community and allow them to pursue their soul path and spiritual development. Check out our newest product Clear All Trauma

We think that Nikola Tesla said it best. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade that all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Personal Energy Therapy Sessions for Balance & Harmony A Radionics Broadcast
Balance & Harmonize – We use modern scalar technology “radionics” to create and broadcast Personal Scalar Energy Therapy Sessions. These personal sessions are done remotely and are created based on each client’s intentions and the feedback we receive while scanning their biofield for imbalances. Personal sessions will be broadcast daily for one month in order to anchor the tunings into your biofield. During this time we will check in to ascertain how you are responding and any will make any adjustments or additions to optimize your the results.
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Self Love

Self Love Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Self Love Spray  designed to bring your body and auric field into resonance with Love of Self. This vibration of love for our own soul is an expression of Goddess energy.  Using this spray daily is a simple way to bring Love of Self into your quantum biofield. Our hope is that by using this spray, you will become more resonant with the vibration of Self Love within the quantum field of every atom in your being. Continued daily use of the spray will anchor into your cellular structure the resonant energy encoded in the spray making it your new baseline of consciousness.  Existing in this field will have multiple carry on effects in your daily experience as your interactions and communications take on new patterns and forms.
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Experience Joy

Joy Homeopathic Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Joy Homeopathic Spray is designed to saturate your biofield with multiple modalities of JOY. It contains many JOY affirmations encoded into the distilled rainwater with our scalar energy technology along with commands for replacing sorrow with joy and replacing fear with courage.  The essences of Lemon Balm, Red Rose and Oil of Gold are also contained in the Joy Spray.  The more you use it, for instance once a day, the more the resonance of JOY builds up in your personal biofield.Great for children and pets too.
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Protection Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Protection Spray is uniquely formulated to bring comfort and ease to the individual by creating within their biofield an aura of protection and shielding from outside harmful intentions and energies.  This evolved out of our client’s requests for help from psychic attack, negative entities and other forms of harmful radiation like 5G and wifi in our modern communities. This formula can be used daily.  It is recommended to use each morning before entering the world, and before bedtime for a more restful sleep.  Also, it would be good practice to mist yourself before attending a large gathering or entering a crowded place.
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Clear All Miasms Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Clear All Miasms Spray assists in alleviating potential hereditary or acquired health challenges. Our Clear all Miasms is a homeopathic spray is made from the Air of Water and is ruled by the planet Mercury. It contains Red Rose Essence, Arnica Essence and the Oil of Gold. It is designed to help clear the body of all the known miasms. Miasms are considered to be the latent code or energetic pattern carried within the individual which are responsible for many chronic illnesses.  When we are exposed to a pathological imbalance (disease) or one of our blood relatives has contracted a disease, the informational pattern of the disease is passed along and held within our genetic code.  This allows for the manifestation of disease in the current life experience disrupting our normal health.
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Teeth & Gums Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Teeth & Gums Homeopathic Spray OmBeOne’s Teeth and Gums Spray promotes good health for your teeth and gums and encourages a strong and robust oral microbiome. The Teeth and Gums Spray is programmed with a special radionics protocol developed to keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong.  The scalar energy codes are programmed into distilled rainwater that has already been infused with multiple spagyric tinctures and essential oils which also gives it a subtle minty taste.  Use the spray after brushing or meals, and throughout the day to keep your breath fresh.
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Clear All Radiation Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Clear All Radiation homeopathic spray is designed to help clear the body of various forms of radiation that we are exposed to in our modern society.  It combines homeopathic research compiled from those working with populations exposed at Fukushima, Japan and other exposure sites around the globe with remedies for everyday potential contaminates such as metal cookware, pet dishes, irradiated, and cold pasteurized foods. Clear All Radiation Spray is made from the Fire of Rain Water and is ruled by the Sun. The spray includes Arnica Essence, Tincture of Frankincense, Oil of Antimony and Salt of Grape.
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Clear All Toxins Spray – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Clear All Toxins homeopathic spray stimulates the body to release and eliminate heavy metals, petroleum, and toxins. Clear All Toxin Spray is made from the Earth of Rain Water. The spray includes Salt of Grape, Oil of Gold (high frequency healing), Oil of Antimony, and Oil of Egg.
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Clear All Trauma Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray
OmBeOne’s Clear All Trauma is a homeopathic spray that contains distilled rain water and has been energized with various homeopthics frequencies to help clear physical, mental, and spiritual trauma. The spray includes Lemon Balm Essence (happiness), Ashwagandha Essence (anxiety relief), Kava Kava Essence (brain health) and Oil of Gold (high frequency healing). It provides frequency healing for physical and mental trauma.
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Clear All Obstacles Astrological Clearing – Esoteric Tools for Light Workers
Many of us incarnate with strengths to achieve our soul’s purpose and challenges to overcome. Our Clear All Obstacles program helps clear and harmonize these challenges making it easier for you to progress on your spiritual journey. We will need your birth date, time and location. You will receive a copy of your cleared chart when completed.
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Spagyric Tinctures – Philosophically Prepared Tinctures
Our philosophically prepared Spagyric Tinctures are designed to support your body and spiritual growth. We have a variety of Spagyric Tinctures including Red Rose representing the the divine feminine, Ashwaganda an Ayurvedic herb traditionally used as a rejuvenating tonic that has used to boost the memory and promote longevity, and Lemon Balm used to calm and uplift.

Our Spagyric Tinctures are designed with the intent of strengthening and balancing the body. Spagyrically prepared tinctures are immediately bio-available to our human bodies. Due to the advanced processing of the plant material, it does not have to pass through the digestive tract where the active constituents of the plant can be lost or converted to other compounds. A spagyrically prepared tincture is able to pass directly through to the blood stream and circulate to where it is most useful. Please visit our store for pricing details
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Star Force One – A Radionics Broadcast
The Star Force One radionics protocol was created to balance and reset the individual biofield for optimal functioning. The protocol goes on to include tunings for blocking negative psychic attacks, harmful Artificial Intelligence, negative ET interference, nanobots and electronic blue light.
Recently, the protocol has been upgraded with the inspired assistance of Master Djwhal Khul.  Some codes were added to align the sub-conscious mind with the soul’s intentions.  This is programmed into every atom, molecule and cell in the physical body in order to create a coherent field aligned with your highest good.
Each session is 108 tunings repeated on a loop for one hour during each broadcast.
$33.00 for one month of sessions broadcast to you 3 times each week.
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Enlightened Humanity Broadcast – A Radionics Session
This twice weekly broadcast of scalar energy supports the health and well being of the physical body while aligning the psyche with beneficial informational patterns for conscious enlightenment. Also, it projects an energetic shield of white light around your home.
Broadcast every Thursday and Sunday for about 5 hours starting at noon CST.
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This offering was created for members of the Conscious Enlightenment Community and is now open to all who would like to join.
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Energized CrystalsEsoteric Tools for Light Workers
Our energized crystals can be charged to your specific need. Some examples of client requests have included:
Physic Protection, 5G Protection, Well Being, Balance, Spiritual Growth, Health, Harmony, Emotional Stability
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Scalar Body Performance Bracelets – Esoteric Tools for Light Workers
The Scalar Body Performance Bracelet is uniquely designed to provide quantum informational programming to your body for its optimal performance. It is a silicone bracelet that has a Quartz crystals embedded inside it. There is a Lakhovsky antenna inside the bracelet that is powered by a piezo electric charge from the compressed Quartz crystals. This allows the scalar energy information that is programmed into the crystals to be constantly broadcast to your body while you wear it.
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