Star Force One

Our Star Force One radionics protocol was created by Christopher to balance and reset the individual biofield for optimal functioning.
This protocol is $33 a month and begins with 5 steps to reset your biofield with scalar energy or Source energy.

1. Clears the matrix of energy/matter which is you.
2. Repairs any damage within that matrix
3. Removes harmful energies from the matrix
4. Energizes the DNA with Source energy
5. Energizes the RNA with Source energy

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This work is done for each of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies. The protocol goes on to include tunings for blocking negative psychic attacks, harmful Artificial Intelligence, negative ET interference, and electronic blue light.

Recently, the protocol has been upgraded with the inspired assistance of Master Djwhal Khul.  Some codes were added to align the sub-conscious mind with the soul’s intentions.  This is programmed into every atom, molecule and cell in the physical body in order to create a coherent field aligned with your highest good.

The entire protocol contains 108 tunings in a specific sequence for optimal effect. We include this protocol for every client that receives a custom session in each of their broadcasts.

Additionally, we can embed this protocol into physical objects such as crystals and healing tools, malas, ect. We currently have a silicone bracelet that can be programmed with these codes so that you can wear it on your body. We also have quartz crystals that can be used to hold these codes.  Email us for more details about receiving one of these radiant crystals.

We will need your full name, a full picture of yourself against a plain wall with no humans, plants or animals in the picture. Pictures can be sent to

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