Pet Therapy Session

Our pets are important to our own well-being and happiness. OmBeOne offers pet therapy radionic sessions. These sessions are structured to restore your pet’s natural state of balance and health. The goal is to support your pet’s recovery from various illnesses, accidents, and general malaise. Sessions are designed as a support to traditional veterinary care.

Pet Therapies
Your Pet’s Therapeutic Session

We use the most modern scalar technology and our comprehensive database of tunings to creating a pet therapy radionics session. Your pet’s therapy session will be broadcast three times a week to anchor your pet’s tunings into their Biofield. Each broadcast is between 30-60 minutes in length. During this time we will check in with you to see how your pet is responding. Depending on your feedback, your pet’s sessions will be adjusted to optimize their results.

For more information on our scalar technology please visit Radionics

Pet Therapy Sessions are $22 per month. Clients can cancel anytime after the first month.

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