OmBeOne.Love Services & Products

OmBeOne.Love Services & Products

OmBeOne.Love offers a variety of complementary therapies and products including Radionic Sessions, Spagyrics/Tinctures, Energized Crystals, and Scalar Bond Performance. What is a complementary therapy? Complementary therapies are used in addition to, or alongside conventional or modern medicine treatments. You should always consult a medical practitioner before starting a complementary therapy.

Radionics Sessions* We use the most modern scalar technology and our comprehensive database of tunings to create Personal Scalar Energy Therapy Sessions based on each client’s intentions and feedback received from scanning your Biofield for any imbalances. MORE INFO

OmBeOne’s Spagyrics are purified high vibration herbal formulations refined from plants. This alchemical process can take months to complete. We carry a variety of different Spagyrics including Lemon Balm, Turmeric, Red Rose, among others. MORE INFO

Scalar Body Performance Bracelets contain a programmed crystal which allows the scalar energy information to constantly be broadcast to your body as you wear it. These Performance Bracelets come pre-programmed or a custom bracelet that can be individually programmed for you. MORE INFO

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