Enlightened Humanity Session

This Enlightened Humanity Broadcast is for people who are actively working on their own personal enlightenment, and it is intended to energized and protect the physical body and the home environment. It also provides informational energy and patterns that are beneficial for spiritual advancement.

This work supports Light Workers and World Servers who are actively working on behalf of humanity to raise the overall consciousness of humanity for the benefit of all Beings. The protocols are designed to compliment the teachings of Master Djwhal Khul.

It is open to anyone and everyone.
The larger the group of humanity participating the greater the impact for all of humanity.
We hope that you will join us.

Become your highest potential

Protocols Included

  • Star Force One
    Begins with 5 steps to clear and energize your biofield with scalar energy or Source energy.
    1. Resets the matrix of energy/matter which is you. 
    2. Repairs any damage within that matrix 
    3. Removes harmful energies from the matrix 
    4. Energizes the DNA with Source energy 
    5. Energizes the RNA with Source energy
    This work is targets each of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies.
    The protocol goes on to include tunings for blocking negative psychic attacks, harmful Artificial Intelligence, negative ET interference, and electronic blue light.
  • Immune Boost
    This 3 part protocol focuses on vitality, blood and the endocrine system.
    It elevates the vitality for each of the physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies.
    it addresses bone marrow, blood vessels, white blood cells, and other components of the blood stream; and guards against thick blood and blood clots.
  • Home Environment Shield
    This creates and energetic shield for the home and floods it with White Light.
  • Enlightened Affirmations
    More than 80 statements taken directly from past classes of the Conscious Enlightenment Program.
    This is updated weekly with the newest focus and lessons as they come out.
  • Chakra Opening and Alignment
    This protocol opens the 7 major chakras in the body from the base to the crown.
    In ascending sequence, each chakra’s inner and outer petals are opened and the Hertz frequency for that chakra is broadcast. The main body organs and systems for that chakra are energized.
  • Clear All Miasms
    This protocol is our formula for clearing the body of all known miasms.
    Miasms are the latent genetic codes received from our ancestors that are responsible for many chronic diseases.
    This is the same protocol that we use to create our Clear All Miasms Homeopathic Spray.

Our Session includes weekly updates to the protocols based on new information and the themes of the weekly focus of the World Service Broadcast and the Conscious Enlightenment Program from EnlightenHumanity.One.

To find out more information about this body of esoteric knowledge please visit EnlightenedHumanity.One

The Conscious Enlightenment Program (“CEP”) is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced esoteric studies, modern shamanic training, psychic development and the increase of light on personal and planetary levels. It is a practical form of self-improvement that applies to every walk of life. The information is designed to make life better right now, with ongoing time-sensitive improvements.  Our personal experience with the program has been extremely positive and very supportive. Not a member of the Conscious Enlightenment Program yet? We welcome you to join our family of light workers and world servers.

Enlightened Humanity Session Broadcast Times

The session is broadcast every Thursdays and Sunday at noon (CST) for approximately 5 hours.

How to enroll

Individual Plan
for an individual participation is $22 per month. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time after the 1st month.

Family Plan
for family participation (up to 5 people) is $35 per month. Your subscription can be cancelled at any time after the 1st month.

If you have an individual need please consider a Personal Session

When you enroll, we will need your full name, a full picture of yourself against a plain wall with no humans, plants or animals in the picture. We use the image as the target for the broadcast. Pictures can be sent to kim@ombeone.love

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