Spagyrics Tinctures

Spagyric Tinctures are esoteric tools designed to help light workers and world servers strengthen and balance their emotional and physical body. How are Spagyric Tinctures Made?

Acai Berry – “super food”, high in Vitamin A and C – antioxidant | Read More | Purchase
Amalki – high cholesterol, urinary tract infections, antiseptic, anti-parasitic | Read More | Purchase
Arjuna Bark –
strengthens immune system | Read More | Purchase
Arnica Flowersexternal use only – for bruises, sprains & sore muscles | Read More | Purchase
Ashwagandha – adaptogen known for stress relief | Read More | Purchase
Astragalus – adaptogen known as anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and cardiovascular support | Read More | Purchase
Holy Basil Leaf – Tulsi Vana – promotes longevity and well-being | Read More | Purchase
Bearberry – Uva UrsiSpeak with your health provider before taking – for UTI | Read More | Purchase
Bilberry – Viccinium myrtillus – improves eyesight, heavy metal detox, dementia, Alzheimer’s | Read More | Purchase
Boneset – Eupatorium perfoliatum – for flus, fevers, and colds | Read More | Purchase
Borage – anti-inflammatory, asthma, skin health | Read More | Purchase
Calamus – antioxidant, antibacterial, boosts circulation | Read More | Purchase
Calendula – fights infection, anti-inflammatory | Read More | Purchase
Cordyceps – reduces blood pressure & high cholesterol, boosts immune, improves brain function | Read More | Purchase
Gentain – coming soon
Ginger – helps fight blood clots and nausea | Read More | Purchase
Gotu Kola – memory enhancer, anxiety, chronic inflammation | Read More | Purchase
Guduchi – youthfulness, longevity, and vitality | Read More | Purchase
Haritaki – antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory | Read More | Purchase
Lavender Flowers – wound healing | Read More | Purchase
Lemon Balm – calming and uplifting, antihistamine | Read More | Purchase
Moringa – wounds, cataracts, and stomach disorders | Read More | Purchase
Nettle – iron tonic, antihistamine, relieves itch from mosquito bites, soothes skin | Read More | Purchase
Olive Leaf – inflammation, strengthens immune system, high blood pressure | Read More | Purchase
Raspberry Leaf – tones the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region, for pregnancy under a doctors supervision | Read More | Purchase
Red Rose – connects to the divine feminine and Three Star One | Read More | Purchase
Rhodiola – high altitude intolerance, increases athletic performance | Read More | Purchase
Shatavari – adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, focus on urinary tract and female reproductive system | Read More | Purchase
Triphala – long life, improves mental function, enhances immune system, anti-inflammatory | Read More | Purchase
Turmeric – arthritis, asthma, hay fever, may work fighting cancer cells | Read More | Purchase
Activated Turmeric – includes pepper which increases absorption – arthritis, asthma, hay fever, may work fighting cancer cells | Read More | Purchase
Uva UrsiSpeak with your health provider before taking – for UTI | Read More | Purchase
Valerian Root – relieves anxiety, sedates | Read More | Purchase
YarrowIf you are on medications speak with your health provider before taking – wound healing, skin rashes, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant | Read More | Purchase

Please review the warnings, potential side effects, or potential drug interactions before ordering.
Spagyrically prepared tinctures are not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

If you have a medical emergency, please contact your health care professional.
Please confer with your health care professional before taking.
Not all of the uses listed above have been subject to modern clinical studies
and are for research purposes only.

We have many more spagyrics in production and coming this year.  Stay tuned for exciting new developments including updates to the web site with expanded descriptions or each spagyric and their beneficial qualities.