Clear All Radiation – Vibrational Healing Homeopathic Spray

OmBeOne’s Clear All Radiation homeopathic spray is designed to help clear the body of various forms of radiation commonly encountered in modern society. It combines homeopathic research from those working with populations exposed to radiation at sites like Fukushima, Japan, with remedies for everyday potential contaminants such as metal cookware, pet dishes, and irradiated or cold pasteurized foods.

We are not radiation specialists, so we encourage you to form your own conclusions. For further investigation, we have included a few interesting articles below.

Clear All Radiation Spray is made from the Fire of Rain Water and is ruled by the Sun. The formula includes Arnica Essence, Tincture of Frankincense, Oil of Antimony, and Salt of Grape.

Some forms of radiation targeted in the formula include: Cell Phones, Smart Phones, 5G, Color TV, Flat Screen TV, HGTV, 4K TV, Microwave, WiFi, X-Rays, Computers, Tablet Computers, Laptop Computers, Satellites, MRI, Radar, Chemo Therapy, Radio waves, Nuclear Energy Plants, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Waste.

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