Protection Spray – Create an aura of Protection

Our Protection Spray is uniquely formulated to bring comfort and ease to individuals by creating an aura of protection within their biofield, shielding them from outside harmful intentions and energies. This product was developed in response to our clients’ requests for help against psychic attacks, negative entities, and other forms of harmful radiation, such as 5G and Wi-Fi, prevalent in our modern communities.

The base of our formula combines Fire of Water and Earth of Water, two elemental fractions of distilled rainwater separated through a prescribed sequence of careful distillations of natural rainwater. This combination is intended to anchor the volatile with the fixed, capturing the highest vibrations into the structured material realm.

Rosemary Spagyric, made from rosemary grown on our land, and Red Rose Spagyric, made from organic Egyptian roses, are combined with our prepared rainwater and Oil of Gold. The rosemary was chosen for its known quality of dispelling darkness and evil. Red Rose was included to bring in the high vibration of the Goddess energy for comfort and protection (think Mama Bear defensive energy). We have also added Oil of Gold for its intrinsic high vibrational quantum light. No darkness can exist in a well-lit room; evil finds no quarter when bathed in the Light of the One.

After a day of recirculating distillation, the entire formula is distilled once more and allowed to rest within the comfort of sacred Palo Santo wood, creating an additional field of protection from negative entities. Finally, the formula is encoded with a specially created radionics program of 88 tunings, anchoring codes of light and protection within the quantum field of each water molecule.

This formula can be used daily. It is recommended to use it each morning before starting your day and before bedtime for a more restful sleep. It is also beneficial to mist yourself before attending large gatherings or entering crowded places.

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