Clear All Miasms Spray – Esoteric Tools for Light Workers

OmBeOne’s Clear All Miasms Spray is homeopathic formula enhanced with spagyric essences and radionic codes to clear the body of all the known miasms.

The protocol for using the spay is to mist 3 places on the body once or twice daily.  The first spray is on the top of head on your Crown.  The second spray is on the forehead and the third is on the front of the throat.  The spray comes in a 4oz. bottle and the intention is to do this practice until the bottle is empty.  This should be enough to clear the miasms from your biofield.  It can also be applied on the skin where there are wounds or outbreaks.

Made with distilled rainwater from thunderstorms and the spagyric essences of Arnica, Red Rose and Oil of Gold.  The water is programmed with the homeopathic information known to be effective for clearing the miasms from the body.  The formula is held in a coherent field of energy and bathed in healing mantras before bottling.

Miasms are considered to be the latent code or energetic pattern carried within the individual which are responsible for many chronic illnesses. When we are exposed to a pathological imbalance (disease) or one of our blood relatives has contracted a disease, the informational pattern of the disease is passed along and held within our genetic code. This allows for the manifestation of disease in the current life experience disrupting our normal health.

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