Homeopathic Sprays

General Information about OmBeOne.Love’s homeopathic sprays will be coming soon. We currently have the following Sprays available.

OmBeOne’s Clear All Miasms Spray is homeopathic formula enhanced with spagyric essences and radionic codes to clear the body of all the known miasms. Clear All Miasms spray assists in alleviating potential hereditary or acquired health challenges.
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OmBeOne’s Clear All Radiation homeopathic spray is designed to help clear the body of various forms of radiation that we are exposed to in our modern society.  It combines homeopathic research compiled from those working with populations exposed at Fukushima, Japan and other exposure sites around the globe with remedies for everyday potential contaminates such as metal cookware, pet dishes, irradiated, and cold pasteurized foods.
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