Self Love Spray – Resonate with Self Love

Our Self Love Spray is designed to bring your body and auric field into resonance with Love of Self.  This vibration of love for our own soul is an expression of Goddess energy.  Using this spray daily is a simple way to bring Love of Self into your quantum biofield.

My inspiration for creating this formula came from a desire for a Goddess Aqueous, or a ceremonial water for healing. The formula is made with a Universal Achaeus which is enriched with a special selection of spagyric tinctures. Included in the formula are Red Rose, Shatavari root, Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Olive leaf, Ginger root and Oil of Gold.

Each batch is incorporated using a recirculating distillation for a day and then, it is distilled one final time. The complete formula is encoded with a special program of radionic tunings( or scalar energy) which is captured in the intrinsic data fields of the water.  This program consist of tunings created as patterns and expression of Love energy. 

A Universal Archaeus is an old alchemical formula for recombining the separated fractions of distilled rainwater.  Fresh rainwater is processed using a series of distillation steps, until you have 12 portions of water separated into variations from the most volatile to the most dense.  Then, these 12 fractions are recombined in a prescribed ratio and sequence before cohobating together for an entire day.  This is a lengthy process that takes several weeks to complete following the traditional art.

My hope is that by using this spray, you will become more resonant with the vibration of Self Love within the quantum field of every atom in your being.  Continued daily use of the spray will anchor into your cellular structure the resonant energy encoded in the spray making it your new baseline of consciousness.  Existing in this field will have multiple carry on effects in your daily experience as your interactions and communications take on new patterns and forms.

As the resonant field of Love grows, more and more people will chose to come into harmony with its higher coherent field of unity, therefore transforming humanity into a structure field of universal love.

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