Teeth & Gums Spray – a safe and natural way to maintain good dental health.

Our Teeth and Gums Homeopathic Spray promotes good health for your teeth and gums and encourages a strong and robust oral microbiome. The Teeth and Gums Spray is programmed with a special radionics protocol developed to keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong.  The scalar energy codes are programmed into distilled rainwater that has already been infused with multiple herbal spagyric tinctures and essential oils which give it a subtle minty taste.  Use the spray after brushing or meals, and throughout the day to keep your breath fresh.

A safe and natural solution for people who have bleeding gums, receding gums, tooth loss or decay.  This formula was created for people who want to improve their dental health and return their gums to a healthier state.

Ideal for smokers who have experienced bleeding gums while brushing or anyone with sensitive teeth and gums.

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Better smiles with health Teeth and Gums.

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