Scalar Body Performance Bracelet

The Scalar Body Performance Bracelet is uniquely designed to provide quantum informational programming to your body for its optimal performance.  It is a silicone bracelet that has a Quartz crystals embedded inside it.  There is a Lakhovsky antenna inside the bracelet that is powered by a piezo electric charge from the compressed Quartz crystals.  This allows the scalar energy information that is programmed into the crystals to be constantly broadcast to your body while you wear it.

We use state of the art radionics equipment to program the Quartz crystals with information data sets to optimize the body’s performance.

There are two versions of the bracelet available: Pre-programmed and Custom Programmable.

Pre-programmed bracelets have 18 radionics programs specifically selected to support optimal body performance. $35

These include:
1.  Balance Scalar Receptivity
2.  Positivity
3.  Vitality
4.  Digestion
5.  Balance Radiation
6.  Parasympathetic Nervous System
7.  Balance Subtle Bodies
8.  Balance Chakras
9.  Balance Static
10.  Red Light
11.  Green Light
12.  White Light
13.  Stamina
14.  Endurance
15.  Strength
16.  Concentration 
17.  Organ/Structure and Function
18.  Healing

Custom Programmable bracelets $65

Custom Programmable bracelets allow us to select what radionics informational data sets to embed into the Quartz crystals.  If you have a radionics session with us already, we can upload that into the bracelet so that you have the scalar data field around you whenever you wear the bracelet.  Or we can create a custom session specifically for you and upload that into the Quartz crystals in the bracelet.  This allows you to decide what informational data sets you would like to receive.

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