Clear All Obstacles Protocol’s Clear All Obstacles Protocol harmonizes and balances a person’s challenges from birth time and place.

Many of us incarnate with strengths to achieve our soul’s purpose and challenges to overcome. Our Clear All Obstacles program helps harmonize these challenges making it easier for you to progress on your spiritual journey.

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This is a joint effort between the practitioner and the light worker or world server. By working together we can make your journey more harmonious.The process is more effective for someone who has been in the body for a while.  It can be done on your children, or newborns or even a business that you start tomorrow.  The process is accelerated for light workers, the people on their path that have already worked on themselves.

Please e-mail with your name, date and time of birth, and location.
Let us know if there is something in particular you would like to focus on.

Our products are designed as esoteric support for light workers and world servers and are not intended for emergency use. 
If you have a medical or mental health emergency please contact a health care professional.

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