Olive Leaf – Olea europaea
Parts Used – Leaves
Origin – France | Spagyrics Made in USA
Planetary Influence – Sun
Day of the Week – Sunday

Olive Leaf has been used for its medicinal properties since Ancient Egypt where it was considered to represent heavenly power. 

Olive leaf contains antioxidants including hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein.   Research has shown that olive leaf may be helpful to those suffering from conditions caused by protozoans, viruses, retrovirus, or bacterium.

Please see important information*


  • Strengthens immune system by not allowing viruses to multiply
  • Energizes the body
  • Has been known to reduce excess eating
  • Inflammation and arthritis
  • Skin health
  • Reduces tooth pain
  • May reduce the risk of cancer
  • May reduce the risk of diabetes (do not take if you are already on diabetes medication)
  • High Blood Pressure (do not take if you are already on high blood pressure medication)
  • May accelerate wound healing

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Recommended Use
Start once a day with 2-3 drops on the back of the left hand, dissolved in water, or under the tongue.

*Warnings & Possible Side Effects
Do not take if on blood thinners such as Warfarin
Do not take if you are already taking high blood pressure or diabetes medicine
Some users may experience an allergic reaction (Herxheimer Reaction). This occurs when the body cleanses itself of pathogens. Symptoms may be uncomfortable. It is generally recommended to drink plenty of liquids, sleep more, and to use a Probiotic.
It is recommended to stop taking Olive Leaf should you experience more than a mild or a prolonged reaction.
Do not take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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If you have a medical emergency, please contact your health care professional.
Please confer with your health care professional before taking.
Not all of the uses listed above have been subject to modern clinical studies
and are for research purposes only